Two to Kiss, Two to Love: City Select LUX

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: City Select LUX

Carting your twins around can take a lot of effort! To make life more simple, I gave you a list of a few of my favorite twin items. In that list, I mentioned Baby Jogger's City Select. This stroller is a twin MUST-HAVE!

The City Select takes TWO infant carseats, where side by side strollers don't give you this option. (If there is one out there that does, leave a comment and tell me what it is!!) There are a few inline double strollers that do allow two infant carseats, and when you have twins, you NEED this feature. Not only does this stroller allow two infant car seats, but it is the only double inline stroller that also allows your kids to see over each other instead of one staring at the other's back (like movie theater seating). Plus, the City Select has a very smooth ride, and allows a million different seating configurations. Every twin mama needs to register for this stroller.

HOWEVER...what if I told you there is now something much better for you twin mamas? Baby Jogger one-upped themselves! Introducing: the City Select LUX. Not only did the LUX keep all of the amazing features of the City Select, but it added even more INCREDIBLE features that will make your life so much easier!!!

Baby Jogger City Select Lux
Baby Jogger City Select LUX Single Stroller with Second Seat -Slate
So what is different than the City Select?
  • The LUX can still be a single or double stroller (obviously you need it as a double), and still allows two infant carseats. But, just to really top the City Select, the seats can now fold while still ATTACHED!! AHHHHHH!!! AND, when it's folded, it is 30% smaller than the City Select folded.
  • The LUX not only has a regular brake for when you want the whole stroller to stop, but now also has a decelerator. You just want to slow the stroller down a bit, you can! You just have to pull the little handbrake, and voila, you're slowing down!
  • The wheels now have better suspension. They are also a full soft rubber tire AKA you NEVER have to fill the tires up.
  • It's lighter than the City Select. I know I'm always looking for the lightest stroller. So yes, yes, yes please!
  • The seats are the most amazing change. They completely recline flat down, the lower portion/foot rest portion folds up, so the seat is completely flat and out of the way. You can access the basket better this way, and obviously, fold the stroller much smaller.

    What's the only downside to the City Select LUX?

    The fact that I already own the City Select!! ha. I'm seriously considering selling it, and buying the LUX. It is just THAT amazing.

    However, one other option I might consider is just purchasing the seats. I'll lose out on the new size of the LUX, the brakes, and suspension, but it may be cheaper in the end to keep my City Select and just buy the seats. To do this, you purchase the second seat kit twice.

    Baby Jogger City Select Lux Second Seat Kit

    Baby Jogger City Select LUX Second Seat Kit -Slate

    But of course, then I just think, if I'm going to buy that kit twice, I might as well just buy the whole thing, right? ;)

    So if you don't already own the City Select, skip it and get the LUX. And if you already own the City Select, tell me what you end up doing! Do you stay with your stroller? Do you switch? Oh, the important questions we must ask ourselves!!

    *The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!*
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