Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Going From Three to Five

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Going From Three to Five

You have probably read a post or two from me explaining how I WANTED twins my entire life. From the time I found out I was having twins, people always asked me how, or why, I was so excited to have twins! They would always say, "I don't know anybody who WANTS twins!"I think the ultrasound tech was the most surprised because she definitely sees MANY more reactions about twins than most people do; I mean, she's RIGHT there when people find out!

I assume most women are shocked when they find out they are carrying TWO babies, and maybe a little frightened, or worried about what they will do with TWO babies. Maybe they are overwhelmed by the thought of TWO babies, and how that will be much different than having one. But me? Nope. I wanted twins forever, and I was the most excited person out there.

It wasn't until very late in my pregnancy that it actually hit me that being pregnant with twins means I would be having TWO babies. I mean, yes, of course I logically knew I was having two babies- obviously that's what twins are. But, I didn't really think much about the fact that my family was about to go from three to FIVE. Not three to four. Not one more baby. Not one more car seat in the car. But TWO. Two babies that would almost double our family size. WHHHHHAAAAAATTTT? I remember looking at people and saying, "did you know I'm going to have TWO babies? Not just twins...but TWO babies?" Ha.

So how is it to go from one kid to three? Or for you mamas who started with twins, going from zero to two? I would guess you all have some wonderful answers for these questions, and I can't wait to hear! In the meantime, here's mine!

Going from one kid to three kids wasn't all that different at first. Since newborns sleep so much, not a lot changed in my interactions with my older daughter. She still had most of my attention all of the time. The hardest part was just explaining to her how to treat the babies, and that her "soft" handling of them wasn't always the softest. Or that while I was breastfeeding them, I couldn't help her until I was done. It's hard to breastfeed and walk with one baby, now figure out how to do that with two--much harder.

As they got older, it became more apparent that I needed to teach my older daughter how to share, and how to treat the babies like real humans, instead of baby dolls. BUT, I assume this is how it is for parents with any amount of children with new babies in the house.

But, having the twins, going from three to five, actually felt extremely natural to me. It seemed more odd to me to only have one at a time. I had a friend with twins who used to share how her life was so hard because she had two babies. I kept waiting for that to happen with my twins, and I just never felt that way.

Even now, as they approach two, I don't find it hard, or crazy, or anything like that to have my twins, or that the twins made our family almost double in size. They are just the biggest blessing. I love them and am so glad I get to be their mom.

What will be super odd is having one baby after having twins (if having another baby is in our future that is). Will I always look for the other one? Will it be weird to carry one car seat instead of two? My attention will be on one newborn instead of dividing my attention between two, so will it feel like I have all this extra love to give?

I can't wait to see if our family gets to find out the answers to those questions. In the meantime, my brother will joke that triplets are next, because it just makes sense. One baby, then two babies, then three babies! He says they will be all boys, and my husband chimes in and assures him...they would be all girls.

We'll see. ;)

Mama Jackie

*The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!*
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