Two to Kiss, Two to Love: It's a Twin Thing

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: It's a Twin Thing

I'm sure you've heard it before: twins have a special twin thing. Whether it's that one knows when the other is hurt or sad, or one feels the same pain as the other, there are a million cool stories about twins. They did grow up together from tiny little eggs into the children they are now, and what singleton baby can say that? So, of course they have some kind of special bond! Especially if they are identical and come from the exact same egg, right?!

My twin girls are fraternal, so their stories may not be as spectacular as an identical pair, but it still melts my heart to watch them be so twin-like.

Sometimes, one of my twins will wake up before the other one. When this happens (now that they only take one nap a day), I take that one out of the room, and let the other sleep. When the other wakes up, the twin I'm with has some magical power where she knows the other one is awake, and they start talking to each other from rooms apart. It always makes me laugh.

If one of my twins is still sleeping, and the awake twin just misses her twin too much, she runs to her room, and tries to push the door open. If she succeeds (aka I didn't latch it all the way when I got the one twin up), she runs in and tries to wake her twin up. This is NOT so heart-melting to mama. ha.

But they really can't be apart for more than five minutes. When they reunite, it's like a 20-year high school reunion each time. They both grab each other, hug, smile, and laugh. It's always like they have been separated for so long. What ever will they do when they get married and live separately?

When my twins were younger, one was crying because she was in trouble. The other twin started crying because her twin was crying. When the first twin realized the second twin was crying because of her, she stopped crying and hugged her sister until she was better. They are such cute, little love bugs.

They know what each other want better than anybody else does. When they sit down to eat, they give each other the food they don't want, but the other does. When they want to reach something up high, the other one helps them move the stool to where they need it. Twins can move ANYTHING when they have each other whether that's good or bad.

These two little souls will be friends forever...well, unless they are like Phoebe and Ursula on Friends, right? But no, I bet their special bond will always last.

My older daughter is definitely good friends with both twins, but most days, she favors one of the twins over the other. When I watch the way those two interact, I always feel bad that they may end up being closer to each other, then the twins are. And then these special, little moments happen between my twins, and I remember that they will always be best friends. I hope they are always able to have a good relationship. And, on a different note, I hope they always include their older sister too. :)

So, tell me twin mamas, what do your twins do? Comment below with all the cool stories!

*The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!*
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