Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Nursing Twins After a C-Section

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Nursing Twins After a C-Section

Breastfeeding is a big undertaking. While pregnant, I just assumed that the baby latches on, then eats, and you're done. If you've breastfed before, you're probably laughing hysterically, yeah? Because ladies, that is NOT how it is. Add in recovery from a C-section, and that just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, my singleton, no one ever told me that breastfeeding was so hard. And why do people seem to forget to tell you that? Does everyone have this extremely easy time with it? I did not. In fact, a week in, I seriously thought about quitting. Then, I saw the price of formula...

So, we stuck it out! We got through it! Sure, it took two months to feel remotely comfortable breastfeeding, but I did it. When the twins came along, I just kept telling myself, "I know how to do this, and more importantly, I know I CAN do this. Give it some time." And we started our trek. But that's not to say it was easier the second time around. After all, I had two babies to feed. And, their birth was, well, a little extremely traumatic. If you don't know what a crash C-section is, time to look that one up.

After their birth, I was in a ton of pain. After my C-section, they told me I would be off my pain meds two weeks after. Now, I'm a pretty "natural" person, and don't love taking medicine. BUT, let me tell you what, NOT taking the pain pills was NOT an option. I was in tremendous pain. I couldn't fathom getting off the narcotics by two weeks. And, it was really hard to do it. Switching to just regular pain meds was pretty rough.

I wish I could accurately explain how this pain truly felt, but I'm hoping you'll get the gist. If I moved the wrong way AT ALL, it felt like I was ripping out all of the stitches/staples holding my body together. And by moving the wrong way, I mean the simple things an un-injured person does like, turning over in bed, rolling out of bed, turning to the side, leaning over a TEENY TINY bit in a certain direction, etc. In fact, rolling out of bed was all I could do to get out of bed, while praying it just wouldn't hurt. And it did. Every time. This sharp, pulling sensation would strike through my stomach like I had just been cut in a sword fight. It felt like my stomach would just rip open, and all my insides would all of a sudden fall out all over the ground. It was awful.

Naturally, you'd think that I was going to explain how breastfeeding, ESPECIALLY breastfeeding twins, after a C-section (even a traumatic one), would be hard. You probably think I'm going to give you all these reasons why it is difficult, yeah?

Guess what? Nursing wasn't an issue at all.

Why? Because your nursing pillow protects your stomach from the babies touching it, the babies are being held on the sides of you more than anything while in football hold, and hopefully, are being heavily supported by your pillow. Side-note: having a large twin pillow is a must--try the Twin Z pillow or the My Brest Friend pillow. Nursing without a pillow made specifically for twins is AWFUL. Can it be done, sure? Do I recommend it, nope! No matter where I went, I took that big twin nursing pillow with me. It was the EASIEST way to feed my babies. And, after a C-section, it becomes a big protector of your very sensitive stomach.

The biggest reason I think nursing isn't really an issue after a C-section is this: you have TWO babies that are distracting you from ANYTHING else going on. Not only are you trying to figure out how to breastfeed, let alone, how to breastfeed two babies, but you're also super focused on taking care of them. You'll have mama and twin time, and feel like the luckiest person alive. Just take a moment and think about people who have a C-section for a baby who doesn't live. They are recovering from that without the distraction of a beautiful gift given to them. In fact, what if they are planning the funeral instead? :( On that light note...

Nursing twins after a C-section is just as "easy" as nursing twins after a vaginal delivery. Sure, you have a lot of healing to do, but nursing won't get in the way of that. It will actually give you the distraction from the pain that you need. You'll look in those beautiful eyes (there are four of them--you'll be busy doing it ;) ), and realize it will all be okay. That the recovery from giving birth, no matter how hard or easy, is all worth it for those two little miracles.

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