Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Traveling with Twins by Car

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Traveling with Twins by Car

Traveling by car takes FOREVER. Add kids to the mix, especially young children, and it's going to take even longer, and be even harder. So how do we make the process a little bit easier on ourselves, especially with TWO kids the same age? Let me throw some tips your way!

1. Take breaks

Breaks make the trip SO much longer, and I HATE them. I want to get there as fast as possible. But your kids need them. If you stop for gas, get the kids out and let them run around for a minute. They need it. If you get food from somewhere, eat it out of the car. The trip will take a little longer, but your kids will be a lot happier. AND, depending on the length of the trip, if you can split it up and do a few hours one day, and a few the next, do it. It will be easier on everybody. Also, if your twins are in diapers, make sure to change them often. It can be easy to forget that they need a diaper change when they aren't walking around. If you take a break, change the diapers. If you're breastfeeding young twins who take a few naps a day, time your breaks for their awake time. Once they wake up, get them out of the car and feed them, (you can't breastfeed in a moving car anyway), change their diapers, and let them play for a bit. When they get back in the car, hopefully it will be time for another nap, and they won't even know they've been in a car all day.

2. Drive while they nap

If you can, drive while they nap. If you can drive at night, do it. Even if it's just for a few hours before your twins wake up for the day. It's a lot easier to drive while they sleep. Just make sure you're well rested and can do it. It's not going to be easier if you drive off the road.

3. Have plenty of food and drinks

Kids get hungry, and then they get angry. Try to keep them happy by making sure they don't get hungry. Before your trip, go to the store and let them pick some snacks they are excited about. Then, when you offer them on the trip, they'll be even more excited!

4. Involve them in packing

Speaking of letting them pick their snacks, also let them pick items they take from home. Toys, stuffed animals, their clothes, etc. You can give them their own backpack and tell them they can fill it with whatever they want. The more you involve them, the more fun the road trip will seem to them, and they will be more excited about it.

5. Movies are a wonderful thing

If your twins, and other children, are old enough to watch movies, bring them! A movie can make the next two hours go very quickly for them, and you won't have to take as many breaks. Just remember to charge all the devices the night before so they are ready to go. If you have a power inverter for your car (a way to plug in a regular plug), bring it so you can plug in any devices you use. If you don't have one, maybe go get one.

6. Don't forget other entertainment

Depending on your children, you can only put so many movies in front of them. Take other car-approved games. Magnetic games are excellent for older children. The pieces stay in place while they play AND they can play with each other. BONUS! Books are another great item for ALL ages. Kids love to read (or just look at the pictures and words if they don't read), and this is an excellent time to get a lot of reading in. If you have another adult with you, move to the back of the car while they drive and you can read to your kids as well.

7. Be organized

Have all of your essentials within easy reach. If you have food/water/entertainment close to you, you'll be able to attend to each child's needs fairly quickly. So, when you organize the car and get ready to go, keep needed items as close to you as possible.

8. Seating matters

If you have older twins, or other children besides your twins, put them close to each other so they can play their games together. If they can keep each other entertained, it will be way better for you! If you do have other children that can help out, seat them next to the younger children so they can be a help to you!


Make the trip as fun as possible. Play road-trip games like "I spy" or if your children are older, play the alphabet game where you find all the letters on billboards and buildings.

So get packed, get ready and go! I hope all of your holiday travels so super smoothly. You've got this!

*The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!*
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