Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Twice the Fun

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Twice the Fun

Do you remember what it was like when it was just you and your husband, no kids? When you had to go grocery shopping, you both went together and basically called it a date. Or when you went on vacation, you slept on the plane, or finished a good book. Or you took a long road trip, driving all night and all day perfectly happy together.

Or maybe that’s too distant of a how about this? Do you remember what it was like to have only one kid (if you had one child before you had your twins). Breastfeeding was no easy task, but manageable. Heck, once you got good at it, you could even walk and breastfeed at the same time. And going to the store, well it was a little more annoying with one kid, versus yourself, but totally doable. Because, let’s face it, there’s one of you, two of you, if your husband goes, and only one of them. Easy enough.

Enter twins. If you’re alone with them, there’s only ONE of you and TWO of them. You are officially outnumbered when you’re alone. And if you have another child, you’re just outnumbered in general.

This is when grocery shopping became an event on your schedule, right? You now only go at a time when you can leave the twins home with your husband, or a babysitter, and go by yourself. And when you get there, all alone, you feel like you’re on vacation. And you start wandering the aisles not looking for anything in particular just because YOU CAN. Because, hey, do you see a screaming child (that you’re responsible for) anywhere? Let’s be honest, doing ANYTHING by yourself is now a mini vacation…including going to the bathroom. Ya feel me?

However, there's one thing that you're definitely outnumbered on! But, it makes twins double the fun! What is it? Play time!

Have you become their human playground? How many times have you been exercising, maybe on your back doing a sit-up, when all of a sudden, one twin comes over, and sits directly on top of you and laughs. Then, the other twin automatically hones in on the homing beacon the first twin put out, and is now jumping on you as well. Remember how I said you're outnumbered here?

But don't you always love it? Even if it's not the best workout, everyone is laughing, and having a good time. Plus, there are two tiny souls to hug that you've been entrusted with! They are two perfect little angels, and you can't really complain, can you? Even if your stomach has a bit of a Diastasis Recti, and you can feel them touching your insides a little bit during this particular play time.

Many a days, we hang out in our playroom, or go to the playground, and just laugh and laugh. It's the days when I choose to multitask during this time, that I don't get as much out of it. When I really take the time to play with them, they are thrilled. And we have a much better day attitude wise too!

Playing with your kids, down on their level, can be extremely satisfying. Even when you feel crazy busy, taking a few minutes to enjoy your children makes a huge difference! And when there are TWO kids, I assume that means it makes twice the difference, right? ;)

So even though those mini vacations to Target are super nice, let's remember that playtime can also be just as nice and so very memorable.

*The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!*
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