Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Twin Love

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Twin Love

The other day we were driving in the car, and my one twin, Colette (we also call her Cece), fell asleep. The other twin, Delilah, kept chattering away about something. Quickly, I realized she was trying to talk to Colette, and Colette was obviously not responding. I told her: “Colette’s sleeping, babe.” Then she started trying to wake Colette up saying, “Wake up Cece!!”

When my twins wake up in the morning, I’ll hear one of them start talking to the other. If that one is still sleeping, the other will get louder. And if the sleeping one wants to still sleep, I’ll hear “NO!!!” Ha. It’s really quite amusing. Or when my twins request a snack, they always ask for two because their twin also needs one.

They are truly two peas in a pod, and I’m not sure what they would do without each other.

My singleton is sweet and always includes her sisters and her dad. For instance, If Bree gets a lollipop at church (which happens every Sunday), she always asks for a second one for her dad. But if she is only given one of something, she’s fine and content.

But my twins? No, no, no. Why should they get something if the other twin can’t? They are constantly looking out for each other. They are attached at the hip. They don’t like sleeping apart, they have to use the potty together, they have to set the table together, and they have to pray together. It’s quite adorable.

Even though they can’t do a lot without each other; my little Delilah still has her own independent side. She loves to ignore her sisters completely and play on her own. She loves to play downstairs while her sisters decide to watch a show. Or play with a different toy in a completely different place. But don't get me wrong--once her independent time is over, the first question on her mind is all about her twin.

Colette is another story though; she LOVES to have someone with her at all times. She has to be with Bree or Delilah, but not alone. She loves making sure that one of them is always included in her activities.

So even though they are two different people, there’s only a certain amount of time they can handle not being near their twin, or asking about their twin. Their bond is pretty special. They did grow up together after all—not just as siblings, but they grew up in the same space before ever meeting another person. That’s an extraordinary bond you just can’t break.

I'm right, right??

Because I will sure miss that connection they have if it ever goes away. Right now, my twins need each other so much that they climb in the other’s crib after going to bed just to be closer. As they age, will this go away? Will they choose to fight like teenagers fight, or will they keep their bond? I pray that they keep it. It would break my mama heart to have it any other way.

So how do I nurture this bond and keep it alive? I try to lead by example by loving them, loving their father, praising them when they show love toward each other and others, and taking time to talk to them about love. I know that seems like such a simple thing, but I hope it reminds them that they are stuck with each other forever. ;) They are going to grow up and rely on each other heavily, and that bond needs ONLY to grow, and never go away.

I also take time to explain to my twins how we don’t hurt each other or do mean things to each other because we do love each other, because we support each other, because we want to be the best of friends. I hope this helps them foster good relationships. I hope they are able to feel love, and send it out into the world.

Not everyone can say they have a built-in best friend, and I hope they never take each other for granted. I hope by helping them see how special their bond is while they are little, will help them love and depend on each other forever.

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