Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Wanted Attention or Not?

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Wanted Attention or Not?

You’re walking down the aisle in a store. You can hear people “whispering” and looking at you. Normally, you may think this means something is wrong with you; maybe your underwear is showing, maybe your dragging toilet paper by your shoe, maybe you have boogers all over your face, or actually, in reality, maybe there is spit-up all over your clothes, right? But this time, and until your twins are grown-up people, they aren’t looking at you. They are looking at your adorable twins. Am I right?

How many times have you been minding your own business, and you hear people behind you, loudly (do they think they are whispering???) saying, “Oh my goodness! Look at those cute twins!” Or, “Do you think they are twins? They must be. They are so cute. How old do you think they are?” It’s like they are talking to you, but they aren’t talking to you…they are talking to each other. Can you imagine if that happened about any other topic? “Do you think she does her hair like that on purpose? It is so scary-looking!” HA! I mean, maybe that does happen, but I assume people like to ACTUALLY whisper those kind of comments.

If I’m in a huge rush, or my girls are hangry (ya know, they are hungry so they just happen to be the most angry they have ever been), I just ignore all the comments. Oh, I hear them, but yes, I’m ignoring them. I don’t have time to talk to you about the fact that my twins ARE twins, that no, they aren’t identical, and that they are born 17 minutes apart, inevitably leading to the question about how they were delivered. “Why yes, one of them was born vaginally, and one by c-section.” Why is that even a question with twins from total strangers? They never look at my singleton child and ask how I delivered her. Ha. But that’s because…that would be weird.

Little Unicorn Single Cotton Swaddle

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Having twins means having random strangers ask the strangest questions, and “whispering” the funniest things around you. Singleton moms, if you want to know what it’s like to have twins, take two car seats, cover them in two matching blankets, and walk through the store. don’t have to have actual babies in them. Right after I had my twins, we went to Costco, and we had them in their car seats, blankets on top. That’s when I knew the attention, wanted or not, was all on me, and would be forever. Twin mamas, if you’re an introvert, you’re going to have to break out of that shell rather quickly because it comes with the territory! You’ll never escape it!

That being said, if I do have time to answer these questions, I never wait until they start talking to me, I just turn around and answer all of their queries. Sometimes, you’ll get someone who just comes up and starts interrogating you. These are the people you actually have to answer and have a conversation with. Well, you could ignore them, but that would be WAY awkward.

Can you imagine what would happen with triplets, or better yet, quadruplets!? So, how do you mamas handle these situations? Do you ignore them or always answer them? Tell me your stories!

In the meantime, enjoy the attention, answer the questions (or better yet, give them a prepared flier with all the correct info), and gush over those two cute miracles. Because really, even if it’s annoying to answer the same question over and over, who doesn’t love to talk about how awesome their babies are? You should be raving about the two amazing beings that YOU made! That’s a lot of hard work! So take the attention, brag about your babies, and maybe get to know a new person in the process.

Good luck out there mamas!!

*The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!*
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