UPPAbaby 2018 G-LUXE Upgrades

UPPAbaby 2018 G-LUXE Upgrades

Most of the time when I hear there is an updated version of a stroller I expect to see two, maybe three minor changes. So you can bet I was surprised to see SO MANY changes to the new 2018 version of the UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller. This is a lightweight stroller that is comparable to an umbrella stroller but has a whole slew of features that you wouldn’t imagine finding on your typical umbrella stroller. When it comes to the updates, there are countless changes that were instilled to improve the functionality and quality of use.

If you are a complete stranger to the UPPAbaby original G-LUXE, here is a great review video of my friend Michelle explaining everything you need to know about the stroller. Keep in mind this video is NOT the new 2018 video (one will be coming soon!) so I’d recommend reading this post first before watching, so when Michelle goes over certain features you can make a note of how the changes will look or function with the new version!  

G-LUXE stroller


While plastic before, these wheels are now rubber. Both the rear and front wheels used to be  double-wheeled, but now only the back wheels are doubled. The front wheels are single and have a slightly smaller size of 5.5 inches instead of 5.7 inches.


The old version had one non-flip-flop-friendly brake that was kind of difficult to maneuver. The new version has two pedals that don’t require a toe lift and are therefore flip-flop-friendly! Red for lock, green for unlock.

Basket Accessibility

If you watch the video above you’ll hear that a popular complaint about the older version is how difficult the storage basket is to access. This is because there is a handy shoulder strap (that is to be used when the stroller is folded to create a super convenient way to carry the stroller) that is plainly in the way of moving things in and out of the basket. Well, that strap has been moved to the side instead of smack down the middle. The basket is the same size as before and the recline drape still hangs down to slightly obstruct the view of the basket from behind, but the overall accessibility has improved.

G-LUXE basket


They certainly updated the frame to become sturdier and with that change came a new plastic footrest rather than the old rubber flimsy footrest. This is a cool feature to help your kids get in and out with a little more support. I should probably add here, that despite the changes made, the new 2018 G-LUXE still only weighs 15 pounds! 


Sadly, one of the cool features of the old version was removed. The previous model had a removable seat liner/cushion and the new version just has the padding built-in to the seat, rather than cushioning on top of the seat. To some, this may be a lame change, but at least now there are less cracks and crevices for crumbs to collect in?

Another change to the seat is the shoulder straps now have padding. If you didn’t know already, this umbrella stroller has a 5-point harness, making it suitable for babies as young as 3 months old! This is nice padding and will make the stroller that much more comfortable for kiddos who may be in the stroller for long periods of time.

A minor, yet happy change is the seat height. It is now 20 inches tall instead of 19.5 inches. That half of an inch can really make a difference for those tall toddlers!

Behind the seat is a new pocket for extras storage, perfect for a phone or keys or other small items that you may want easier access to.


One of the first things you’ll see in the video above of the previous version is the canopy and its accompanying pop-out visor. While the additional pop out feature hasn’t changed, the initial canopy now has three panels instead of just one.


What may seem like a downgrade for some is the change of material covering the handlebars. They were previously covered with foam that could easily be damaged and hard to clean but were more on the comfortable side than the new plain plastic coverage. Last but not least: another slight height change to the handlebars. They used to be 42.5 inches and now they’re 43 inches tall. Minor but still an upgrade!

All of the other great features I didn’t list are still there and as functional and brilliantly designed as ever. Hopefully this breakdown of updates for the 2018 G-LUXE was helpful to you or someone you know! If you’re still on the fence about what stroller to buy, check out our Stroller Buying Guide for everything you could possibly need to know when it comes to picking the perfect stroller for you! And don’t forget about our new Love Your Stroller Guarantee!

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