UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Comparison: 2017 vs. 2018

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Comparison: 2017 vs. 2018

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is easily one of the nicest and classiest looking strollers! Come spring of next year, the new 2018 Vista will be available and you simply don’t want to miss out!

If you’re debating on whether or not this newer version is worth the hype compared to the 2017 version, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Now, obviously, there aren’t a whole slew of changes, but there are a few and these few are definitely noteworthy.

First, are the color options. Jordan, Gregory, Emmett, and Denny. Okay, technically Denny isn’t new; it’s just making a comeback from the 2015 model. Unless you’re an UPPAbaby fanatic, I doubt you know these names as colors. So here’s a quick rundown of the new colors, as well as the returning colors:

  • Jordan – charcoal mélange
  • Gregory – blue mélange
  • Emmett – green mélange
  • Denny – red mélange
  • Taylor – indigo
  • Jake – black
  • Loic – white
  • Henry – blue

In all honesty, every single one of these color options is absolutely beautiful! To add to the gorgeous fabric, the 2018 model has some added leather detailing that completes the look perfectly. Jake, Jordan, and Denny come with black leather-wrapped handles and bumper bar. The remaining colors come with “saddle” leather, a pretty tan leather-wrapped handle bar and bumper bar. This leather detailing is top notch and looks ultra sophisticated.

When it comes to the ride, there are not a lot changes, but there was a slight change in the design of the front wheels. They now have the same tread pattern as the back wheels, which makes this an all rubber-wheeled stroller.

The last notable change to the upgraded stroller is located in the bassinet. The entire structure (frame, mattress, and cover) is now almost two and a half inches longer than the old model.This is an awesome upgrade because it creates more room for baby to move and grow! And don't worry, separate accessories like the mattress cover and the RumbleSeat have been upgraded too!

The 2018 model is new and improved, but from what you can see, all updates are purely cosmetic and don’t contribute to the overall functionality of the stroller. This stroller is top of the line, and you truly can’t go wrong with either model. So now that you have the breakdown of the new updates, the decision is up to you! My opinion? If you’re going to invest in such a magnificent stroller--go big or go home… I vote the even more gorgeous 2018!

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