Top 4 Tips for Buying a Stroller for TWINS

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Having a new baby join your family is exciting! From seeing the positive sign on the pregnancy test to your first ultrasound and beyond, the anticipation of your sweet baby's arrival can bring both nerves and inexplicable joy! For some, the nerves may be a bit greater when they hear that not one baby, but two will be arriving! It can be scary, and you may wonder if you will be able to juggle the responsibility of two babies at once! With two little ones, the need for a double stroller that will make life as easy as possible is essential! But finding the right one can be hard! To help, we have put together 4 top tips when buying a stroller for twins!

Tips for buying a twin stroller:

1. What type of configuration do you want? 

Double strollers come in all shapes and sizes! The two main styles of double strollers are seats in a tandem/front-to-back or side-by-side position. Make sure that the stroller you're considering will allow you to configure the seats so that your children are positioned in a way that will make life easiest for you! It's important to consider the position you are going to prefer as they get older as well! For example, are you going to want them to sit side-by-side so they can interact better, or do you want them to be more separated?

2. Does your stroller need to accommodate infants? 

If you're having twins, your double will most likely be needed from birth. Make sure the stroller you pick allows you to comfortably push both infants. Many of our strollers have options for bassinet attachments that are great for keeping newborns comfy, whether you're going on a quick walk or running errands.

It's also important to note that some infant car seats are compatible with strollers, while others are not. Double check to make sure the infant car seat you want will be compatible. 

3. Do you need an option for a third child?

Surprisingly, many double strollers have options to accommodate a third child! If you have an older sibling that still likes to ride from time to time, make sure your stroller offers a rider board attachment! The Baby Jogger City Select 2 and UPPAbaby VISTA both have awesome rider board attachments for your toddler/preschooler!

4. What storage needs do I have?

No matter how many kids we have, it's important to remember that we all have different needs when it comes to storage. Some moms are more minimalist and don't bring much along, while some like to pack everything they may need just in case. Decide how much storage space you will need, and make sure the stroller you're considering will work for you.

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Although the thought of having multiples can be overwhelming, all of us at the Baby Cubby are rooting for you! You got this! If you need extra help, come visit us in store or online at! Our Cubby momma's are eager and ready to help you find the perfect stroller and baby gear to fit your needs! 

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