Video: Avanchy Dishes and Utensils - The Baby Cubby

Video: Avanchy Dishes and Utensils

Avanchy is an eco-friendly brand that is committed to sustainability and reducing waste. Check out our video to see why using these dishes and utensils will make mealtimes with baby a breeze!

We carry Avanchy baby bowls, baby plates, baby spoons and baby forks, which are made from organic bamboo and food grade stainless steel. The feeding bowls and plates feature an innovative Airtight-Lock mechanism with a suction cup. Just press them onto a hard surface and the suction cup stays in place, so you’ll have fewer spills and less stress! To remove it, simply pull on the easy release tab.

*If you need a parent hack: when in use, just make sure the tab is facing away from your baby so they can’t loosen it!

The baby plates have dividers to keep foods separate, and the classic plates are more traditional. The silicone Airtight-Lock mechanism can be removed and put in the dishwasher. The bowls and plates can be used without it too!

In terms of care, make sure to wash the bamboo dishes by hand, and don’t let them soak in water for long periods of time. That being said, both the stainless steel dishes and silicone suction components are dishwasher-safe.

The forks and spoons are also made from organic bamboo and the tip is silicone, so your baby can safely eat and play with them without hurting their gums. We especially love that Avanchy uses several bright color options to keep things fun for your kids!

Overall, Avanchy is an innovative brand that will make mealtimes with your children so much easier! We can’t recommend these dishes enough.

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