Video: Breakfast with the Nuna ZAAZ High Chair

Video: Breakfast with the Nuna ZAAZ High Chair

As soon as the sun rises, my kids are out of bed ready to start the day! Their first demand that follows is always breakfast. After cleaning up the kitchen the night before, I always dread dealing with the mess that breakfast will inevitably bring. That's why the Nuna ZAAZ is one of the best products for mealtime! With dishwasher-safe components, easy to wipe plastic, and a no-crevice design, you won't have to spend excessive amounts of time trying to get the mess off of the highchair, just your toddler ;)

Wanna see the Nuna ZAAZ in action? Let's go with Bryanne as she feeds her little one breakfast and demonstrates why the ZAAZ is such a great baby gear pick!

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