Video: Comparing the Britax Grow With You v. Nuna AACE

Video: Comparing the Britax Grow With You v. Nuna AACE

We've got another booster seat comparison for y'all! The Britax Grow With You Clicktight Plus and the Nuna AACE have some pretty big design differences—take a look to see them side-by-side.

Let’s start off by touching on their similarities.

  • Both boosters have an adjustable headrest, plus added Side Impact Protection on the sides of the shell. The AACE’s side impact protection pods pop out manually.
  • They both have dual arm rests, plus at least one cup holder. The Grow With You has 2 cup holder compartments on each side, while the AACE has a dishwasher safe cupholder that can attach to either side.
  • They each have a shoulder and lap belt path marked in red to make it easy to make sure your child is buckled correctly.

Now let’s hit some of the differences between these two.

  • The AACE has some bonus adjustments to make it more comfortable as your child grows. Its shoulder area expands as the headrest is raised, and the seat cushion also has three depth settings. Its high quality fabric gives it a slightly more sleek design.
  • The Britax Grow With You has a rear tether for extra stability in the installation, plus a small adjustable recline. It also has more flexibility for your child’s size, beginning at a younger age. The Grow With You comes with a built in harness, which can be used for children between 25-65 pounds and 34-49 inches tall. As a result, the super convenient Clicktight door can be used for installation with either the vehicle seatbelt or the lower anchor connectors.
    • Once your child is between 40-120 pounds and 44-63 inches tall, you can store the harness away inside the seat to convert it to a true booster seat.
  • The Nuna AACE is only a booster seat, so it doesn’t come with a harness. It can be used once your child is too big for a car seat: from 38-60 inches tall and between 40-110 pounds. Unlike the Grow With You, it has a rigid LATCH system that extends out the back to prevent it from becoming a projectile if your child isn’t in the car with you.
    • Once your child is between 50-120 pounds, you can choose to remove the back of the booster for no-back mode. The AACE includes an attachable seat belt positioner for kids whose shoulders don’t reach quite high enough.

Overall, both of these options are great to use as a booster seat. If you want the added flexibility for a smaller child to grow into it, then the Britax Grow With You is a great option! If you want a booster that can be used in no-back mode, the AACE might suit your family better.

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