Video: Comparing the Britax Highpoint v. UPPAbaby ALTA - The Baby Cubby

Video: Comparing the Britax Highpoint v. UPPAbaby ALTA

Take a peek at the similarities and differences between two of our favorite booster seats: the Britax Highpoint and UPPAbaby ALTA!

Let’s start off with what they have in common:

  • Both boosters have a multi-position adjustable headrest, plus Side Impact Protection on the sides of the shell. The Highpoint has 3 layers for extra coverage.
  • They both have dual arm rests to keep your child comfortable.
  • They each have an easy shoulder and lap belt path marked in red, plus a crotch strap seat belt positioner to keep the lap belt resting comfortably across your child’s thighs.

Let’s go over the differences as well.

  •  Although they both have cup holders, the ALTA has one that can attach to either side. The Highpoint has two, which are both removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Both boosters have removable fabric, but the ALTA’s is machine washable and the Highpoint must be hand washed and line dried.
  • The Highpoint has a higher weight capacity, so it can be used longer than the ALTA. The ALTA can seat shorter children than the Highpoint can.
  • They each have a LATCH system to secure them to the vehicle seat, but the ALTA has rigid lower connectors, whereas the Highpoint has flexible ones. They operate very similarly overall!
  • The Highpoint has the added benefit of No Back Mode when your child is older. It’s a nice plus for children who want to feel like big kids!
  • They are similar in price range, but the Highpoint is $20 cheaper than the ALTA.

 See our video below for details:

Overall, both of these boosters are safe, easy-to-use options made by two brands that we really trust. Your choice may just come down to have two cup holders instead of one!

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