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Video: Comparing the Nuna PIPA v. Maxi-Cosi Mico 30

Next on the docket, we’re going to compare two different infant car seats: the Nuna PIPA and the Maxi-Cosi Mico 30! Take a peek at some of the similarities we love, as well as some of the differences that make these seats unique.

To start off, it’s important to note that the Mico 30 has a slightly lower weight capacity—it can hold babies up to 30 pounds, and the PIPA can hold 32 pounds. Some other notable features:

  • The Mico 30’s carry handle is made of durable plastic, and is contoured for an extra comfortable carry. The PIPA’s handle is accented with a brown luxe leatherette material.
  • The Mico 30 has self-wicking fabric, which is machine washable and dryer safe. The PIPA has micro knit fabric that can only be spot cleaned. Both of them have 5-point harnesses.
  • They both have extendable canopies with flip-out visors, but the PIPA has a few extra features: a peekaboo window and a dream drape.
  • If you want to create a travel system, both car seats are directly compatible with strollers of their respective brands, like the Nuna TAVO and the Maxi-Cosi Zelia.

These car seats both include bases for easy installation. The recline levels on each base are adjustable. The Mico 30’s base has a handle to initiate multiple recline positions, but the PIPA’s base just has a flip-foot to adjust the recline to a second level. The Mico 30 has a level line sticker on the side of the carrier to refer to, but the PIPA has bubble level indicators in the base.

The PIPA’s base also has a two-section load leg to provide extra stability in case of a collision, which the Mico 30’s base doesn’t have.

Both bases have a LATCH system. With the Mico 30, there is a soft-structure LATCH strap that you’ll route through the seatbelt path to attach to the lower anchors. The PIPA, on the other hand, has a flip-out rigid latch system, so it’s a little easier in my opinion!

A big plus is that both car seats can be installed without their bases, using the side clips and the European belt clip on the back of the car seat.

In terms of price, the Mico 30 is about $120 cheaper than the PIPA. Take a look at these car seats side-by-side below:

*NOTE: In the video, we mention that the PIPA can only be spot cleaned; however, the fabrics actually CAN be machine washed on a delicate cycle, with cold water and mild detergent, and then allowed to drip dry.

Overall, we really love both of these infant car seat options. The PIPA does have a few extra features because Nuna is more of a luxury brand, but we hope this video has helped to make the choice easier!

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Hi Victor,
We were mistaken—the fabric IS machine washable. Here is what Nuna says on their website: “You can wipe the plastic, vinyl, and metal parts with a damp sponge or soft cloth. For fabrics, you can machine wash on a delicate cycle, with cold water and mild detergent, and then allow to drip dry. The harness system should be cleaned with mild soap and water and allowed to air dry. Wipe the outside of the buckle with a damp cloth. Do not lubricate the buckle or immerse in water. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals on your car seat and do not dry clean. Use of cleaning agents such as these can damage your car seat and cause deterioration of the materials.”
Sorry for the error!

The Baby Cubby

Hi! I have a question regarding the Nuna Pipa. You said in the video that the fabric is not machine washable, but I have checked other website and all of them says that the fabric is machine washable. So, I just want to confirm with you if that information is correct. Thank you!


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