Video: Comparing the Nuna RAVA v. EXEC

Video: Comparing the Nuna RAVA v. EXEC

With Nuna being one of our favorite gear brands, we had to share our comparison of the RAVA convertible car seat and the EXEC 3-in-1 car seat. You'll honestly love both of them!

We’ll start off by talking about what they have in common.

  • They each have a flip-up cup holder on either side to store snacks, drinks, and toys.
  • The RAVA and the EXEC are made with high quality, soft fabric, which is naturally flame retardant without added chemicals.
  • They both have multi-position headrests that are easy to adjust, as well as adjustable footrests. The EXEC’s footrest doubles as an anti-rebound bar when used in rear-facing mode.
  • They both have Side Impact Protection pods on the outer shell. The SIP pods on the RAVA pop out manually.
  • These car seats each have a rear tether clip to make forward-facing installation extra safe.
  • They have the same tension doors beneath the seat fabric to make installation easy! For rear-facing mode, the blue belt path is in the base of the seat through the cup holder openings, and for forward-facing mode, the red belt path goes through the backrest.

Now let’s go over the differences between the RAVA and EXEC.

  • Although they both have harness buckle holders, the RAVA has fabric pockets while the EXEC has magnets.
  • These car seats have the same weight capacities for each installation mode: 5-50 pounds for rear-facing mode, and 25-65 pounds for forward facing mode.
  • Although they both have easy, button-operated reclines, the RAVA has 10 positions and the EXEC only has 8 positions.
  • The biggest difference is that the EXEC is a 3-in-1 car seat. This means that it also has a booster mode to use once your child is older (between 40-120 pounds). You can easily store the harness away, and then use the lower anchor connectors through the forward-facing belt path to secure the EXEC to the vehicle seat. Then route the seatbelt through the shoulder belt guide in the headrest and help your child buckle themselves in.
  • Because of this difference, if you buy the RAVA, you will eventually need to purchase a separate booster seat once your child exceeds the 65-pound weight capacity.

Take a look at these details in the video below!

As you can see, the overall structure of the Nuna RAVA and EXEC are pretty similar, and both of these options are favorites at the Baby Cubby. That being said, if you want the longer lifespan of a 3-in-1 seat, the EXEC might be the way to go!

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