Video: Comparing UPPAbaby's VISTA V2 v. CRUZ V2

Video: Comparing UPPAbaby's VISTA V2 v. CRUZ V2

Straight from the stroller hall of fame, these two amazing UPPAbaby strollers go head-to-head. Both elegant, both with many of the same features and design, the CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2 are great options.


Let’s start off by talking about what they have in common!

  • They have most of the same fabric color options—which is more than a lot of other brands.
  • Both have button-operated telescoping handlebars with leather accenting for grip.
  • Each stroller has an extendable sun canopy with a peekaboo window. Unzipping the back of it will reveal extra mesh panels for extra ventilation.
  • The seats can recline and are modular, so you can face them forwards or backwards. They have no-rethread harnesses to make adjusting easy. The belly bars detach and rotate 360 degrees.
  • The CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2 have all-wheel suspension and foam filled tires. Both have lockable front wheels to make going over rough terrains easier! The one difference is that the VISTA’s wheels are slightly larger.
  • They both have the same easy fold, and once folded, they can stand upright.

Now let’s go over some of the subtle differences between the CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2.

  • They both have large baskets underneath, but the CRUZ basket is two inches narrower. Essentially, everything about the CRUZ is just slightly more narrow. 
  • This applies to the glider board accessory you can add onto the back for older children to stand on. The one for the CRUZ is slightly smaller!
  • In terms of foot brakes, the VISTA’s brake pedal is on the right and you push the same pedal to release it. On the CRUZ, you break the pedal on the right and release it on the left.
  • One of the biggest differences is that the CRUZ can only be a single stroller, while the Vista is a single-to-double stroller. You can have a seat and a bassinet, or the main seat and the RumbleSeat!
  • As a note, the seats between the CRUZ and VISTA are not interchangeable—they’re unique for each model. That being said, the bassinets work on either model, but for the CRUZ you’d have to purchase it separately. 

We love both of these UPPAbaby strollers—hopefully this video has helped to clarify which option is best for you and your kids!

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