Video: Fighting for Families - Sarah and Adam's Story - The Baby Cubby

Video: Fighting for Families - Sarah and Adam's Story

When he was 10 months old, Sarah and Adam's first son, Cole, began having seizures. Come along for their parenting journey to see how they learned about how to help him.

One of our core values at the Baby Cubby is the concept of Family Knights. We believe in fighting and advocating for families, because they're the center of our lives. In their parenting journey, Sarah and Adam have exemplified this trait in its purest form.

In their 17 years of marriage, Sarah and Adam have had many tough experiences that have stretched them to their limits. This all began when their first child, Cole, was born healthy without any complications, and then took a turn for the worst 10 months later. When he started having multiple seizures every day with no relief, local doctors treated him with medications for epilepsy. When things didn't get any better, Sarah began researching, reading case studies from professionals, and talking with other parents in similar circumstances. She felt in her heart that it was something more: infantile spasms, also known as West Syndrome.

When Cole was 2, specialists at the Cleveland Clinic confirmed that he indeed had West Syndrome, and Sarah finally felt validated in trusting her gut feeling—her mother's intuition. Watch the full video below to learn more about Cole and his role in their family of five:

One thing's for sure—raising Cole has made an indelible impact on this family's life. Things are not easy by any means, but Sarah, Adam, and their younger children have gained deeper love and a fierce advocacy that they never would have learned otherwise.

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