Video: FridaMom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Video: FridaMom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

The 5-step FridaMom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit has everything you need right after birth! These products will jump-start recovery during those first few visits to the bathroom.

In the package, you’ll get items for steps 2-5 of the postpartum regimen, including:

  • 4 pairs of Disposable Postpartum Underwear (they come in size Regular, for waists measuring 28-42 inches)
  • 4 Instant Ice Maxi Pads
  • 24 Perineal Cooling Pad Liners
  • a 5 oz bottle of Perineal Healing Foam
  • a toilet-top storage caddy

Step One of the FridaMom postpartum care process is actually the Upside Down Peri Bottle, which is available for purchase separately. It comes with a waterproof bag to take with you to the hospital and wherever else you go in the first few weeks after birth. It’s designed with a narrow angled neck to clean and relieve your vagina.

Step Two is the disposable underwear. They’re a boy-short/boxer brief shape so you get full coverage. They’re made of spandex and microfiber, so they’re stretchy and comfy, but still give you support. 

Step Three is the instant ice maxi pads. Just crack the ice pad like you would with a first aid kit ice pack, and insert it in the disposable underwear. It will cool the areas where you’re feeling the most pain, and they’re super absorbent. You can get additional maxi pads here.

Step Four is to use the perineal cooling pad liners. These contain witch hazel to help soothe and heal, so just insert it on top of the maxi pad.

And lastly, Step Five is to use the perineal healing foam. It reduces swelling and speeds up healing of any hemorrhoids using natural ingredients and witch hazel as well. Just dispense it right onto the cooling pad liners!

Take a look at this entire process below:

Overall, this kit is an absolute game-changer. The Frida brand is all about supporting moms through the recovery process, and we highly recommend it!

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