Video: How to Clean Your Doona

Video: How to Clean Your Doona

Before having kids, I didn't think much about choosing a car seat that had easily removable and washable fabrics. But soon after having my baby, I realized just how important it really is. My daughter was a frequent spitter, leaving the harness and fabrics smelling sour. And of course, there were several times when she decided to fill her diaper beyond the max, requiring quick removal and a deep clean! Babies don't mean to be messy, but the leaks and spitting are inevitable! That's why it's important to know how to quickly remove and clean the lining of your infant car seat, so that you can keep your car seat smelling fresh, clean, and of course, poop free!

Today, let's go over how to remove the lining and canopy of your Doona infant car seat, as well as some great tips and tricks for keeping it nice and good as new!

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