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Video: How to Fold The Silver Cross Wave Featuring The 2022 Wave

Silver Cross Wave 2022

The 2022 Silver Cross Wave has arrived here at The Baby Cubby! This gorgeous stroller, with high end leather and chrome detailing throughout, gives you a customizable single to double stroller that fills any need your growing family may have! The Silver Cross Wave comes equipped with countless features making parenthood easier (and more enjoyable), including the quick and easy fold! Let’s check out this video to see how to seamlessly fold and unfold your brand new Silver Cross Wave!

 To fold:

Put your stroller in the locked position by tapping the red foot brake.
Remove the lower, second attachment from the stroller base.
Position the upper seat into forward facing mode.
Push the button on the right side of the frame while pulling up on the rings on both sides of the frame.
Guide the stroller down into its folded position.

To Unfold:

Lift the side lock and pull up on the stroller. The stroller will automatically lock into place.

To see the Silver Cross Wave in person, visit our store in American Fork, Utah, or visit us online at

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