Video: How to Use The Toniebox - The Baby Cubby

Video: How to Use The Toniebox

Every mom struggles with the internal debate of whether or not to allow their kids to have screen time or not. How much screen time is too much? Is it good for them? Does it dull their imagination? Does it help them develop? I have found the perfect solution to each and every one of these questions. 

The Toniebox is a screen-free digital listening box that tells your little one stories, plays music, and so much more. This helps their little imaginations run wild without the screen. Simply choose your story Tonie and download the app to install your Tonie's for the first time. Place the Tonie on top of the box and let the story telling begin. You can adjust the volume with simples pushes to the ears and pausing your story is as easy as just pulling of the Tonie off the top of the box. If you want to continue your story, just place the Tonie back on the top of the box and pick up right where you left off. It doesn't get any better than this.

Check it out!

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