Video: Little Unicorn

Video: Little Unicorn

Little Unicorn is one of our favorite brands at the Baby Cubby. Watch this video to learn more about their soft goods and what makes them so unique!

Little Unicorn makes a lot of different soft goods for babies and kids, including:

What makes Little Unicorn products so unique is that the prints are all original. Their artists hand-draw the patterns and designs that you see printed on the muslin blends! They’re made free of any harmful chemicals, so you know your child is safe.

In terms of care, you can machine wash them on cold, with like colors and like fabrics, and then tumble dry on low heat or hang dry.

Fran's favorite print is the Prickle Pots, but I personally love the Strawberry Patch print! I can't get enough of those juicy red colors!

Take a close-up look below:

Overall, we love Little Unicorn because their products are cute and functional to assist you in all phases of parenting life!

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