Video: Maileg Toys - The Baby Cubby

Video: Maileg Toys

Step into a world of vintage whimsy with Maileg toys!

The Maileg brand was created by Danish designer & illustrator Dorthe Mailil and her husband. She uses a distinctive modern Scandanavian design, and each of the toys in this collection was created with a love for storybook whimsy. The animal characters and pieces of tiny furniture are handmade. You’ll notice Maileg’s attention to little details and timeless quality so you can be sure they will last! 

Whether your child prefers to collect a family of mice in fun clothes or a cute rhinoceros plushie, Maileg toys will promote imaginative play. This brand emphasizes the best parts of childhood. My personal favorite set is the little matchbox with the triplet mice in them. I can't get enough of their cute stripes and button-sewn pacifiers!

Take a look at the details of Maileg in our video:

Maileg is just one of the cutest, most creative toy brands out there. From me, they get a 10/10 for presentation!

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