Video: MUST-HAVE Stroller Accessories Featuring Bugaboo

Video: MUST-HAVE Stroller Accessories Feat. Bugaboo

A good stroller can make all the difference. But did you know that adding a few simple accessories can make life as a mom that much easier? Stroller accessories are a great addition to even the best strollers on the market, allowing you to further customize your stroller to fit your (and your baby's) specific needs. Whether your stroller just doesn't have enough under-carriage space for all your baby's necessities or you're lacking a cup holder for your favorite mug, these amazing accessories from Bugaboo can bring your stroller to a whole new level. 

Let's go with Cubby Mom Burgandy as she unboxes some of Bugaboo's must-have stroller accessories!

You can browse all of our favorite stroller accessories in store or online at

Not sure what accessories are compatible with your particular stroller? We've made that easy for you as well! Simply search your stroller on our website, click the listing, and go to the product details for a full list of compatible car seats AND accessories!

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