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Video: Rotating Convertible Car Seat Comparison

Video: Rotating Convertible Car Seat Comparison

If you’re looking to buy just one car seat for your child, a convertible car seat is the answer! Convertible car seats are truly incredible with their longevity of use and the customizability for different heights and ages. They truly grow with your child! But with their larger sizes, convertible car seats can be a bit of a challenge when it’s time to get our kids into and out of the car. To solve this, car seat companies have started to incorporate an innovative rotating design into some of their car seat models!

In the Baby Jogger City Turn, Nuna REVV, and Cybex Sirona S, you get a convertible car seat that makes life bliss for us busy moms. The seamless rotating design allows you to turn the seat towards you when putting your baby or toddler into their seat, making it quicker and easier to get our kids into and out of the car. Not only will this save your back but your sanity as well when you find yourself with a long list of errands to run with your kiddos. But is a rotating car seat really worth it? To make the decision easier for you, we are comparing the 3 rotating convertible car seats that are currently on the market! Check out our video here for a side by side look at each one!

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