Video: Saranoni Blankets

Video: Saranoni Blankets

Saranoni is one of our favorite brands here at the Baby Cubby. Check out the video below to see why!

Saranoni blankets are made by a local, family-owned company. They select the highest quality yarn, knit all of their own fabric, and cut and sew each blanket by hand. When you buy a Saranoni blanket, you can expect a cozy, durable product that lasts for years.

We carry multiple sizes, so let’s break those down for you!

  • The Mini is 15x20 inches - the perfect size to cover a tiny newborn. It can also become a lovey to comfort a toddler.
  • The Receiving blanket is 30x40 inches - a great size until your child is about 3 years old.
  • The Toddler blanket is 40x60 inches, which is a transition from the receiving size. It’s great for traveling and long car rides, until your child hits about 11 years old.
  • The Home Throw is 50x60 inches - great for draping over your couch or a chair. It also makes a great gift!
  • The Extra Large blanket is 60x80 inches, making it the best all around snuggling blanket. It fits corner to corner on a standard queen mattress and is the perfect blanket for the whole family to enjoy.

Saranoni also makes muslin quilts and swaddles that are 47x47 inches. They come in a lot of fun patterns to match any nursery or style!

In terms of care, Saranoni recommends washing blankets in cold water without fabric softener. Never put them in the dryer! Instead, hang them to dry to ensure they stay nice and soft! The muslin products and swaddles should be washed in cold water and dried on low heat.

Long story short: get ready to snuggle. Saranoni products are perfect for every member of your family, so pick one up today!

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