Video: The Doona SensAlert Review and Demo

Video: The Doona SensAlert Review and Demo

You've probably heard the horrible stories in the news where a child gets left in a car and doesn't survive. And although it's easy to say "that will never happen to me," it's important to remember that in almost every single horror story that we hear, the parents said the same thing. We'd all love to be perfect parents 100% of the time, but the truth is--none of us are! Which is why the Doona SensAlert is one of the BEST baby products you can invest in!

The Doona SensAlert is an innovative device that goes in your child's car seat to help prevent parents from leaving their child alone in a car. When the parent moves away from the vehicle when the child is still in their car seat, the alert is triggered. This is a great additional safety measure to keep your little one safe because, let's be real, us parents get tired and forgetful sometimes!

In this video, Cubby Mom Azlyn shares with us her review of the product and demonstrates how to use it in your car!

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