Video: The Nuna TRIV Next Modular Stroller REVIEW and Demo

Video: The Nuna TRIV Next Modular Stroller REVIEW and Demo

The brand new Nuna TRIV Next modular stroller has arrived! And with some amazing upgrades from the previous model, the TRIV Next is truly an all-in-one stroller you're NOT going to want to miss out on.

Featuring a modular design that allows you to customize your seat direction, a winter seat insert to keep baby extra cozy for the cold temps that winter will soon bring, and, of course, the beautiful and modern design that comes with every Nuna product, the Nuna TRIV Next really is next level! And with an adjustable telescopic handlebar, an easy to fasten magnetic buckle, a no-rethread harness, and a sleek and compact design for easy storage, the Nuna TRIV Next gives parents the convenience and customizability that makes parenting just a little bit easier. After all, it really is the little things that can make the biggest difference, right?!

Let's take a look at the new Nuna TRIV Next modular stroller as Camille gives us a full review and demo!

Wanna learn more about this incredible stroller? Check out our blog for a breakdown of all our favorite features in the Nuna TRIV Next!

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