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Video: The Veer Switchback System FIRST LOOK and Breakdown

Veer Switchback System

With all the countless baby products we have to get for our kiddos, versatility is key. However, with all the shopping I've done trying to find the "perfect" baby gear, I've decided that there are very few items for babies and kids that check off all the boxes. So when I found out about the brand new Veer Switchback, I was in awe of the countless needs it serves for parents! The Veer Switchback effortlessly transitions from one product to another, whether you need a traditional stroller, jogger, camping chair, bike seat, or booster high chair. This innovational new product is sure to save families a lot of time, space, and money in the long run. Have a first look at the whole system with us!

To read more about the Veer Switchback, be sure to check our blog at! Then come see us in store or online to shop the whole Veer collection!

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