Video: Tips for Teething

Video: Tips for Teething

Teething is a really hard thing for both babies and parents! We've got a bunch of tips to ease your baby's pain and bring parents peace of mind.

We've got 6 principles to keep in mind once you hit the teething phase:

  1. Keep things cold! Give your baby something cold to chew on like chilled teethers, cold foods, wet washcloths, etc. Some of our favorite products for this are I Play's Cooling Teether—just throw it in the fridge or freezer before use—and the Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder. You can fill it with blended fruit or whatever your baby likes, store it in the freezer, and then give it to your baby to hold and bite while eating a soothing snack.
  2. Add pressure! You can rub your baby's gums with your finger, or give your baby something hard to chew on. Hard silicone teethers like the Itzy Ritzy Unicorn or the Loulou Lollipop Wood Teether are great options!
  3. Keep your baby dry. Your baby is already plenty uncomfortable from the teething, so it's important to keep drool and moisture off his/her neck to avoid a rash. One of our favorite products to combat a rash are Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs. Put it on at the beginning of the day and your little one can wear it all day to catch drool.
  4. Utilize some distraction. Do your best to provide your little one with other things to focus on, like toys that keep your child engaged. It never hurts to offer some snuggles to help ease the pain too!
  5. Apply a topical remedy. From gels to necklaces, there are plenty of options. For gels, we love the Wink Cool Gums Teething Gel because they avoid harsh chemicals and numbing agents, which can sometimes be dangerous.
  6. Use medication: When all else fails, you can try approved infant’s acetaminophen or ibuprofen to provide your baby with relief. Just check in with your doctor on usage and other tips!

We hope this is helpful for you and your teething baby. You’ve got this!

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