Video: Veer Cruiser Comparison Veer Cruiser vs Cruiser XL

Video: Veer Cruiser Comparison Veer Cruiser vs Cruiser XL

We have LOVED the Veer Cruiser here at The Baby Cubby since day one. Because who doesn't love a product that is versatile and can truly handle every family outing and adventure?? From beach visits and camping trips to summertime baseball tournaments and even for everyday use, this wagon/stroller combo is designed to keep little ones comfortable while providing convenience and ease of use for parents! 

That's why we were ecstatic when Veer released another option for families, the Veer Cruiser XL! The XL features many of the things we know and love from the original Cruiser, but with four seats instead of two, making it a great choice for families with lots of littles that love to ride! But with two incredible products, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you!

To help you decide, we've put together a quick video comparison of the Veer Cruiser and the Cruiser XL! Check it out here!

You can shop the Veer Cruiser, the Veer Cruiser XL, and ALL compatible accessories in store or online anytime at!

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