Voluntary Safety Recall - Uppababy Vista

Voluntary Safety Recall - Uppababy Vista

UPPAbaby:  If you don't know this brand, you should get to know them.  Here at The Baby Cubby we love UPPAbaby for their reliable products and great customer service.  Maybe you do know the brand.  Maybe you have even purchased an UPPAbaby 2015 Vista Stroller or a 2015 Cruz Stroller and a RumbleSeat to go with them.  Although the strollers passed a variety of safety tests, UPPAbaby is committed to constantly bettering their products and has found the material on the bumper bar to be a potential safety hazard.  There have not been any reported cases of injury, but if a child were to bite and remove the material it poses as a potential choking hazard.  So as a heads-up, we wanted to share with you UPPAbaby's recall statement.


UPPAbaby Bumper Bar for Strollers & Accessory

Model Name: 2015 VISTA, 2015 CRUZ, 2015 RumbleSeat

For UPPAbaby's official recall page, click here.

The strollers’ and RumbleSeats’ bumper bar poses a potential choking hazard if the child is able to bite firmly onto the bumper bar and remove pieces of it.


CONTACT UPPAbaby immediately

for a bumper bar cover and warning label.

Next steps:

  • Immediately remove and stop using the bumper bar on these strollers and RumbleSeat accessory.
  • Contact UPPAbaby customer service at 844-540-8694, visit the company’s web site at uppababy.com, or email contact@uppababy.com
  • After receipt of the cover and label, put the label on the bumper bar, install the cover, and consumers can the resume use of the stroller with bumper bar affixed to it.

For more information, please contact UPPAbaby



A proactive voluntary recall in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Post until November 20, 2015

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