We Love Jaq Jaq Bird

We Love Jaq Jaq Bird

Our little ones are bursting with creativity and just dying for an outlet. When your standard coloring book and crayons aren't cutting it for your babe, but they're still reaching for every pen, pencil and (oh, please no) sharpie in sight, you may be looking for another way for babe to get crafty. Is there anything safer better than your kid using a washable marker on an easy-to-wipe-off chalkboard mat? I didn't think so!

Jaq Jaq Bird is a brand that is going to cover all the bases for creativity, innovation, and function. Designed from a need to keep the babe's mess to a bare minimum in a tiny space, Grace created the chalkboard/placemat combo to keep her little ones occupied and clean. Since starting out, the company has expanded its mats to doodle books, markers, and all sorts of kid essentials for those growing minds.


These compact little cuties allow your kid to write their own stories again and again with no waste and no limit to their creativity. With an adorable print, the mat can be used for play or eating. It is easy to clean (just wipe off and repeat), and you can clip it up and carry it around with you wherever your little one goes.

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These erasable markers are made to color anything form chalkboards to plastic to windows. Your little one will never run out of things to imagine and create. It comes with your classic 9 colors, and of course, they're non-toxic and perfect for babes.

Come grab them all and watch your kid enjoy them for hours upon hours!

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