Welcome Home: Week 8

Welcome Home: Week 8

Happy eight weeks to you and to your new bundle of joy! Whether this is your first baby, or your fourth, we believe that a new mom is born with each new addition. So, kudos to you! You may be getting used to not having your nights totally to yourself, or you may just be getting used to having a newborn in the mix again. Either way, here you are, eight weeks in, and you're rocking it! Hopefully by now, you are starting to feel more like mom, and less like you just went through 40 weeks of pregnancy and labor!


At this point you are 'technically' all healed up, whether you had a vaginal birth or a c-section. You should have had an appointment with your OB or your provider right around your 6-week postpartum mark. If everything looks good, you are given a bill of good health and sent along your way. BUT they can't tell how you are doing on the inside, and sometimes they just don't ask.

If you are feeling like you are in an emotional slump, you need to talk to your provider about Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. This is not to be taken lightly, so don't try to tough it out on your own! Shame should never be involved; do not shame yourself. Hormones and big adjustments sure can take a toll. Not sure about what you feel? Check common symptoms here and read this blog post. Please, please, please don't ignore how you're feeling! If you're not quite sure, but think you might be suffering from either of these things, schedule an appointment! Better safe, and helped, than sorry.


At just two months old, your little love is becoming quite the little listener! She may not be able to respond to your questions yet, but she sure is listening, and learning along the way. Having conversations with your little one is such a great way to help them learn about relationships. Talk to them as you would another adult; pause to let them "respond" and register, and then carry on! You might get a coo or smile out of them, and may even start to notice different cries for different situations.  These interactions are simple, and may seem useless, but they go a long way for your baby's social development!

As baby listens, watches, and learns, they become more aware of their environment. They will turn towards noises and familiar voices, and react more and more each day to your social cues. Your efforts may seem lost on them, but they are not! Repetition is key for all little ones. Make sure part of that repetition is you telling them how much you love them!


You should be having baby's two-month well-check appointment soon! This appointment is the first time (since the hospital) that your baby could have vaccinations. A lot of moms DREAD this, and psych themselves out before even arriving at the doctor's office. Try to stay calm, so your baby will be calm and comfortable! Who knows exactly why or how, but those babes definitely feed off of mom's energy. It is not fun to see your baby get poked, and then cry, but it only lasts a minute. After they are done, you get to love on them, AND they are protected from some pretty nasty diseases! They will thank you for it later. 

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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