What Activities Can I Do With My 6- to 8-Month-Old Babe?

What Activities Can I Do With My 6- to 8-Month-Old Babe?

When you have a little one between 6 and 8 months old, she is probably learning to sit up, crawl, and destroy your perfectly decorated bookshelves. A lot of mamas have a hard time knowing what fun things there are to do with their babes when they're this age, other than follow them around cleaning up messes.

So what activities can you do with your babes between 6-8 months old? Here are just a couple ideas to help change up your usual routine, and to watch your little one light up with excitement while they're experiencing something new!

Bubbles are such a fun thing to do with your baby! They are absolutely dirt cheap and will give your kid hours of entertainment! Whether you have a crawler or just a sitter, blowing bubbles and letting your babe try to catch them with those chubby hands is priceless. Watching them look up while the bubbles pop on their faces is going to keep them laughing nonstop.

Water is a no brainer for pretty much all babies, and it can be an awesome way to change up their normal play time. You can either decide to do bath time play, and maybe even add some bath paints if you're feeling crazy, or stick to the classic bath toys and bubble time. You can also throw a towel underneath their high chair, and put a splash of water on their tray and just let them splash around! You'll be surprised how long they'll sit there smacking that tray. Babies are the best.

Another favorite activity is to stack blocks and knock them down. I think this is a fail-safe for every child. It's around the 6-8 month old mark where they think it is the most hilarious thing ever to watch a tower of blocks gets knocked over. Try building it up and letting your little one knock them down. Or you could try putting them on your head/baby's head and then tilt to the side until the blocks fall--this is an all-around crowd pleaser with the babe.

If you have some caffeine on hand, and you're not prone to migraines, open up the kitchen to your babe! Get those pots and pans out, hand your babe a (clean) spoon and let them smack away. You can also fill up a few containers with different things, like rice or coins, and let them shake it up. Sensory activities are super fun during this stage, and your little one will love experiencing and making new sounds.

If you want to head outside, try taking your babe to the beach or to a park with a sandbox and let him roll around, dig, and get dirty. Keep an eye on him, because chances are his first instinct will be to stick his hand into sand and stick the sand into his mouth. What is with that?! Bring a couple of toys and let baby play with their trucks and get sandy. Mama tip: Bring some baby powder with you when playtime is over. You can rub that everywhere babe has sand, and it will rub right off!

When babies hit that 6-8 month old age, they are totally ready to get their hands on everything, move around, and engage with mama, daddy, and friends. Try mixing up your normal playtime and use sensory activities to stretch babe's muscles and minds--you'll have one happy, laughing babe!

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