What Are The Best Ways To Help A Teething Baby?

What Are The Best Ways To Help A Teething Baby?

Question: What are the best ways to help a teething baby?


  1. Cold: Give baby something cold to chew on like chilled teethers, cold foods, wet washcloths, etc.

  2.  Pressure: Rub baby's gums with your finger, or give baby something hard to chew on.

  3.  Keep them dry: Your baby is already uncomfortable from the teething, so be mindful of keeping drool off his/her neck to avoid a rash.

  4.  Distraction: Do your best to provide your little one with other things to focus on. Try activities/toys that keep your child constantly engaged.

  5. Topical Remedies: From gels to necklaces, there are plenty of options.

  6. OTC Medicines: When all else fails, you can try approved topical remedies and infant's Tylenol/Ibuprofen to provide your babe with relief.

Teething is the worst. Truly the worst! Okay, maybe not for everyone? I have heard of babies popping a couple teeth without their parents even realizing. To that I say, LUCKY DUCKS! Teething hit my little lady like a raging storm at just 3 months old, and we have been battling the teething demon ever since. I feel like we need to celebrate when she cuts her last set of molars. Am I crazy? Possibly, but geez, how would you feel if you had to cut new teeth as an adult for over a year. When teething started at my house I asked everyone for their teething soothing tricks, so now I want to share them with you!


Bumkins Cold Pack

Bumkin's Cold Pack

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a cold wash cloth on your "owie" or your head when you felt sick? It really did nothing more than soothe or take the edge off the discomfort you were feeling, and that is exactly what it does for the little teethers! Great options are a cold teether like a Bumkin's Cold Pack, a wet washcloth to suck on, or even ice cold or frozen fruit in a safe feeder. I kept a couple cold teethers in the fridge at all times so we always had a cold one!


It may be surprising that chewing on something hard when their mouth hurts is comfortable, but it is tried and true. I like to think of it like when you rub your shin after you whack it on something. The added pressure becomes a distraction for the nerves. If your baby is cutting their first couple of teeth, you can use your finger to massage their gums! When they get a few sharp chompers in their mouth, a nice sturdy teether like the ever popular Banana Brush, or a natural wooden teether will save your fingers! My girly had a banana brush and wooden teether, and we never left the house without them.

Keep Them Dry

Adding to their discomfort with a rash caused by the constant river flowing from their mouth is just oh, so counter productive! I know you can't sit and wipe baby drool every two seconds all day, so you will want some handy dandy bandana bibs! I literally had eight or more of them, and used more than one a day.


You might be saying "duh!" but I honestly forgot about it a lot. On super fussy days, I mostly tried to comfort baby with cuddles and attention, but that just wasn't always what was needed. When I would remember to just get down on the floor and commit 100% to keeping my babe completely distracted, I had great success and lots of fun with her! This adorable shaker trio, the Oball Rattle, and long baths were the best distraction in the very rough 'beginning of teething' months.  

Topical Remedies

You have probably seen the teething gel or tablets out there. I asked my doctor for
Mother Goose Teething Necklace
his opinion before using, and found the all-natural options to be what he and I both felt safest with. We also jumped on the amber necklace band wagon! The Momma Goose amber necklaces and bracelets kept my mom worries at bay because the connecting or latch piece screws together so baby can't just snap it off.

OTC Medicine

When all else fails, bust out the Tylenol or Ibuprofen! Once again, I talked to my pediatrician about proper dosing and general guidelines. After that, if it was apparent that nothing was helping my girl, I gave her medicine.

Well, there you have it! All of my teething knowledge in one place. Obviously some things work for one baby and not for another, but trying never hurts. Especially when you just want to help your tiny human feel better! Good luck mamas and know that I am right there with you; we have a second set of molars coming through at our house right now!

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