What Are We Doing This Weekend: Exploring the City

What Are We Doing This Weekend: Exploring the City

Trying to plan something fun to do with the fam this weekend, but don't want to go too far to have a good time? A great way to get your kids out of the house and get them excited about their community is to get out and explore your city!

This weekend take advantage of all the things that make your home town great with some things on this list:

Hit up your local arboretum

Most nature centers have features that are centered toward a younger audience, and your little ones will have an absolute blast learning about the plants and animals in your area. Our state's arboretum even has a fun train that circles the park that our son cannot get enough of! Get out in nature and let your family explore!


Looking for something a little more quiet, but definitely fun? Get over to your city's kids museum and you will not be disappointed! These museums will have fun activities and exhibits that are geared toward kids of all ages. 


Animal lovers would go nuts over a weekend trip to the zoo! It can be an all-day affair, so make sure and pack smart with lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen and let your little one's wild side come out!

The Aquarium

The aquarium is always a fun experience for everyone in the family! Get your kids underwater fun on and make sure to point out your favorite sea creatures too!

Local Restaurant

Do some research with your family and try a local restaurant you've never been to before. Once you get there, try and order something you normally wouldn't to add to the experience!


Head to the ballpark and order some peanuts and hot dogs for a baseball game! Cheer on the home team and watch your kids' faces light up every time the batter knocks a homer.

Community Helpers

Weekends are a great time to get out and visit your community helpers. You could visit the fire department, police station, or post office to get your kids a little behind the scenes look at how our city works! 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Plan out a neighborhood scavenger hunt for your family, and get moving to find all the things that make where you live special. Whether it's the blue house across the street, or the fountain by the neighborhood sign, the whole family will have fun exploring together.

You don't have to go too far to make sure your family has a fun weekend! There's no need to plan too much--just keep your eyes open to some of the hidden gems in your city.

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