What Are We Doing This Weekend: Getting Outside

What Are We Doing This Weekend: Getting Outside

With summer coming to a close and everyone in back-to-school mode, we should be soaking up those last few weekends of great weather while we can!

If you're looking for something for your fam to do this weekend to take advantage of the sunshine, then take a look at a few of these ideas:


If you're looking for some extra playtime, get to the park. We've all passed parks on our drives to and from the mall and thought, "My kids would love that!" Well, now is your chance to take them to a new park and get their wiggles out!


If you're lucky enough to live close to some water, get your family out of the house and onto the beach! If you have a sand lover like I do, they will spend hours digging up sand and filling up buckets. Make sure and pack plenty of sunscreen and yummy snacks for your trip! 


Looking for something a little simpler but still out of the norm? Pack up your babe's normal lunches and pack some sandwiches for you and your sweetie, and go to a shady area and have a picnic. Your little ones will love the change up and the fresh air will do good for everyone!


Test out your fam's collective green thumb and get a garden started! Whether you go all out with veggies and fruit, or go smaller with just herbs, your family will love getting their hands dirty and planting something. The best part is a few weeks later when they see all their hard work paying off!


Get some sun at the pool! Make sure and pack some fun toys, like noodles and rings, so your kids will want to stay out all day!

Drive-in movie theater

Pack up the car with cozy pillows and blankets, get some yummy snacks, and get to a drive-in movie theatre! One of my husband's favorite things to do is now a really fun thing to do as a family! Most drive-ins will offer double features! BONUS!


Bust out the sidewalk chalk and let your creative juices flow! Cover the whole driveway with fun drawings, and you could even make a four-square court or hop scotch! 

Yard Camping

If you have some outdoor lovers, but don't have the time for an all-out camping trip, set up your tent in the backyard! It's so much fun for the whole family to unplug from their phones and get off the couch and wrap up in sleeping bags. Maybe even tell ghost stories with flashlights like when you were little.  

Lemonade Stand

Turn your weekend lemons into lemonade with a lemonade stand. Your kids will love decorating the sign and stirring up the lemonade. You can sit out in your yard or the corner to your neighborhood with some good books and see if you can make couple bucks!


Spend some time writing letters to family members who don't live close by. Make sure your kids get in on the fun by decorating pictures and cards for grandma and granddad, and you should make sure to write to friends you haven't seen in a while too! This is also a fun way to teach kids how to write out addresses on envelopes, where to put the stamp, and how to put it in the mailbox. 


Hooking up a sprinkler in the backyard will guarantee hours of fun for the whole family! You can also add bubbles or water balloons to make it a whole water-themed day!

Lightning Bugs

Throw it back to your childhood and hand your kids some mason jars, wait till it gets dark, and get out in your yard to catch some lightning bugs. The chase is half the fun, but watching those fireflies glow inside their jars is magical at any age. Try roasting some s'mores for an added outdoor treat!

Weekends are such a fun time to get out of the house with our kids and explore, be adventurous, and learn new things. Don't spend this one on the couch! Get out there and try something new with your fam! XO

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