What Do You Think of Wink?

What Do You Think of Wink?

Wink Naturals, that is. If you've never heard of Wink Naturals, allow me to introduce you.

The Wink Naturals founder is no stranger to the world of quality, natural, and drug-free products, since he also co-founded a brand you may have heard of, Zarbees. Together with his wife, they've created a highly successful business with rave reviews.

They offer a variety of products that are safe for the whole family. Let's check out some Baby Cubby favorites!

Cool Gums Teething Gel

I have a very vivid memory of racing to The Baby Cubby just before closing to snatch up some Wink Teething Gel in hopes that it would provide relief for my first baby (and for me) after many sleepless nights. I tried it that same night, and much to my disbelief, she stopped crying almost immediately. This stuff is the real MVP. I've used it for both of my kids and I recommended it to parents all the time! I suggest adding a bit to their pacifier for less mess. Not only is it great for teething, but it can also be used as training toothpaste.

Kids' Sleep Fast Melts

Is bedtime a battle in your house? Put Wink's Sleep Fast Melts to work! It's formulated and dosed specifically for kiddos and is made with all natural ingredients. The drug-free melts are berry flavored (yum!), and dissolve quickly so that your little one can drift off to dreamland and get the rest they need. It also comes in dropper form, which allows you to add it to juice or drop it directly into their mouth. Both the melts and drops are recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Anxiety Zen Drops

Wink's Anxiety Zen Drops are formulated with passionflower extract, which is clinically proven to aid in anxiety relief. It will help you feel calm and focused and ready to take on your day! It can be used for kids ages 3 and up and can be mixed into liquid or taken with food. Anxiety Zen Drops are non-habit forming and can also be used before bed to help calm your mind and body. Many people swear by them! If you feel like your mind is constantly racing, give some Zen Drops a whirl.

You can check out these Cubby Picks and more favorites from Wink Naturals in store or online at BabyCubby.com.

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