What To Know About Postpartum Binding

What To Know About Postpartum Binding

There isn't really a great way to describe the way your abdomen feels after you give birth. It's one of those things that you hear people talk about, and then when you find yourself standing in the bathroom of your hospital room wondering who is looking back at you in the mirror you get it. Soft, jiggly, and definitely not flat. Postpartum binding is a great way to help your body feel a little less wonky and heal a little bit more quickly!

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings

Since your abs have been stretched to the brink over the last nine months, you can't expect them to snap back together the second you aren't pregnant anymore. Gosh, that would be so, so amazing; sure wish we could figure that out somehow! Becoming full-term pregnant was a gradual process, so you have got to give your body some grace while you gradually get back to normal. Although there isn't a perfect quick fix, postpartum binding can be a great option to help along the way.

What does binding or wrapping do?

Although lots of mamas swear it is true, there isn't actual reputable scientific proof that postpartum binding helps you lose weight or inches. Essentially you are giving yourself support. The compression from a wrap or corset type product on your abdomen provides the support for your organs, pelvic floor, and back while your ab muscles regain their integrity. It can also help your uterus begin to shrink back to a normal size and help decrease the pressure felt on c-section incisions. For many many moms, being held together while navigating the funky body period of recovery provides relief from so many postpartum symptoms.

Will it help me lose weight quicker?

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset

The technical answer here, no. BUT lots of moms actually swear that it does help them to shed the extra inches and pounds left after delivery. For me, I felt that it helped a little bit for sure. I also was used to seeing my stomach look nine months pregnant, so perhaps I was just looking really good in my head because I wasn't sporting the bump anymore?

Is it really safe?

As long as your doctor has given you the thumbs up! Some people, due to certain situations or complications, may be advised to avoid binding or wrapping after birth. The first few days after my first baby, it was really uncomfortable for me to wear my wrap, so I didn't. With my second, I put it on the day I got home from the hospital and never had a complaint about it! Just listen to your body!

How do I pick a binder or wrap?

Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap

I would say the best way to know is to read a ton of reviews, and make sure you are getting a really good product! The brand Belly Bandit has multiple really awesome wraps and other products designed specifically for this purpose. They have the wraps and also corset-type binders, as well as amazing leggings that will keep you comfy and supported as you begin your recovery process!

I personally really enjoyed using a wrap postpartum! Although I did enjoy the cosmetic benefit of the wrap sucking my post-baby belly in, the support I felt from it was what I loved best. Your body sure has been through a lot by the time you hit postpartum, and then you have a new baby to care for on top of helping your body to heal. Mama needs a little extra support sometimes too, right?! 

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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