What You Didn't Know About Pacifiers

What You Didn't Know About Pacifiers

Something that every mama knows is a binkie can be your babes (and your own) best friend! Not every mom chooses to let babe soothe with a pacifier, but for those who do it can sometimes be difficult to decide which is best for your little one. There are so many shapes and styles, and each one claims to be best for nursing babies, hard to soothe babies, teething babies, and the list goes on. If you're feeling like you are the one that needs a little soothing, no worries mama. Here's some info that should help you decide which pacifier is best for your babe!

First of all it's good to know there are two main tips for binkies: rounded and orthodontic. Rounded tips are ideal for babies who are breast feeding, because the tongue will naturally rest under the nipple (just like when baby nurses) and will decrease the chances of nipple confusion. The orthodontic shape is the more slanted of the two tips, and will allow for more tongue movement. Both are a good choice, and you can always try one of each to find out which works best for your little one!

Natursutten Round tip with Butterfly Shield


Natursutten Orthodontic tip with Butterfly shield


Next, there are different shield shapes. Generally you will see two types: butterfly and round. For the most part this can just be a matter of preference. If your baby is nursing they may prefer the rounded shape, because it will tend to touch their nose, similar to when they are breast feeding.

Natursutten Orthodontic tip and butterfly shieldNatursutten Orthodontic tip with round shield


If you're a first-time mama, or a mom looking to try a new style for babe, a great eco-friendly option is the Natursutten pacifier. It's made of all natural, bio-degradable, and sustainable rubber, and its different size binkies are ideal for all babies age 0-12. Its design also doesn't have any gaps or cracks, which cuts down on the chance of bacteria growing. They are designed to help baby soothe themselves by working with their natural mouth movements. They are also affordable, so it makes it worth buying two binkies at once (recommended, so baby doesn't get used to only one size nipple), and replacing them every 6-8 weeks to avoid a sticky pacifier.

Rounded tip with round shield, some helpful information on Natursutten's all natural pacifier.

We all need a little help when it comes to getting babe to learn self-soothing, and pacifiers are a great option for a lot of little ones. Try Natursutten pacifiers are a great option that both you and baby will love! Keep up the good work mama!

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[…] Orthodontic nipples are great for babes who start to grow teeth, because of their more angled shape. This style is great for kiddies with teeth, because it teaches them to swallow upwards and towards the roof of their mouths, which should help to keep those pearly whites nice and straight. The Natursutten Pacifiers have an orthodontic nipple which is designed to follow babe’s natural mouth movements, and butterfly shield which helps keep baby’s airway clear when their using it. These are also all natural pacifiers, biodegradable, and are made from soft silicone to be comfortable on babe’s face. This is one of Baby Cubby’s faves, and you can learn all you ever wanted to know (and then some) here! […]

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