What's new with mamaRoo

What's new with mamaRoo

If there was one product that I would use the phrase, “I wish that was around when I first was having babies”, then this would be it! There are so many awesome features I can’t wait to tell you all about, and The Baby Cubby is happy to introduce you to the newest styles and colors. 


It provides a safe, comfortable place for your baby to lay while you're busy doing all the things that moms do! More than just your traditional bouncer seat or swing, the mamaRoo4 is what all busy moms dream of. Its adjustable features that can be changed from the convenience of your phone via Bluetooth. Let's talk more about those settings. There are 5 unique movement patterns and 5 different speeds that will keep your baby soothed and happy for hours on end. The seat reclines to find the most comfortable position possible, allowing your baby to sit up and play or recline and sleep.

Another awesome feature that you and your babe will love is the ability to hook up your mamaRoo4 to an MP3 player to play your own calming music. I told you they thought of everything! And last, but not least, an aspect that all of us moms will love is the fact that the plush fabric is easy to remove, and it's washable! As I mentioned before, this would for sure be a product that I would have loved to have taking up a small corner in my front room!


The mamaRoo4 comes in 5 stylish new colors that The Baby Cubby is proud to offer. These colors are sure to match your nursery or living room decor and provide all the aspects you're looking for in a good swing or bouncer.

My sister was the first person I knew to have one of these awesome contraptions with her baby, and wow, I was impressed! I love the flexibility it offers by giving you the freedom to quickly hop in the shower or get a few things done knowing your newborn is in good hands. All I keep wondering is, what will 4moms think of next?!

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