When Will I be Able to Feel my Baby Kick?

When Will I be Able to Feel my Baby Kick?

You have a positive pregnancy test and have been to the doctor's office to hear the heartbeat, so you know there is a baby inside of you! BUT, aside from the possible first trimester pregnancy symptoms, you aren't feeling anything that reaffirms what your tests have told you. Every mom dreams to feel their baby's kick and nudge around inside of them, so it is no surprise that a very frequently asked question is "when will I feel this baby kick?!

As with most things, the answer to this question can be a little bit different for everyone. Typically you will first feel the baby move between 16 and 25 weeks. If it your first pregnancy, it tends to be closer to the 25-week mark for most women. If it is your second, or beyond, some women feel the first little bumps and nudges as early as 13 weeks. 

Now, don't be expecting to feel a swift kick right from the get-go. It truly does feel almost like little butterflies are just fluttering softly inside you for a quick second or two. Many first-time mamas often think these first movements are gas, or bubbles in their stomach for a while before they realize what they are actually feeling. You are also much more likely to feel the movements when you are laying down or just sitting really still.

You won't feel much movement for quite a while. The little flutters and bumps will be few and far between until you reach about the end of your second trimester. Through the third trimester, you will begin to feel movement more frequently and stronger each week! If you are ever concerned about how often and how much you should be feeling your baby move, talk with your doctor about it!

Every milestone with each pregnancy is so exciting! Feeling your baby move for the first time, no matter what number child it is is such a surreal and heartwarming experience. For me, it seemed that I felt my first connection to my babies as soon as I started to feel them move! As soon as I realized what the flutters were, I wanted to go out and buy all the baby things!  Soon enough, you will be holding your babe watching them kick in front of your eyes and you won't believe they are finally here!

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