Which Maxi Cosi Car Seat Is Right For You?

Which Maxi Cosi Car Seat Is Right For You?

So car seats are a little difficult to muddle through. Between the weight capacities, the height limits, the safety features, the convenience features...it gets to be a little much. I'm with you. It was quite daunting for my husband and I when we were trying to decide what to get. Well friends, today I'm going to try and help you make it a little easier by walking you through the various features and specs of the Maxi-Cosi line of car seats. With a little luck, you won't feel so dazed afterwards. Before we start, take a deep breath. Ready? K, 1...2...3...here we go!

Mico Max 30 Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat
Max-Cosi - Mico Max 30 - Devoted Black

The Mico Max 30 is Maxi-Cosi's premiere infant seat. It is comparable to the Chicco Keyfit 30 in terms of weight capacities; however, the Mico Max 30 only weighs 9.15lbs - making it one of the lightest car seats on the market. It fits infants anywhere from 4-30 pounds, so even some preemie babies can be accommodated. The base is extremely easy to install with the one click LATCH system. But, my favorite safety feature about the Mico Max 30 is the anti-rebound bar on the base. This bar makes it so that in the event of an accident the seat will not ricochet back towards the seat potentially injuring your child's head. It also reduces the amount of twisting that occurs, minimizing the amount of movement in a car accident (which, BTW, the safest car seat is going to be the one that move the least). An anti-rebound bar can be the difference between a minimal head injury and a fatal one. The Mico Max 30 is perfect for us parents who have chubbier babies and may need a lighter car seat to help balance everything out (because, according to my aunt who has the chubbiest of chubbies, it is not a fun endeavor to lug her baby and his car seat around anywhere. She would rather just stay home). As well, with the anti-rebound bar this seat comes with extra safety features that some other infants seat do not include.

Also available in: Blue Base, Devoted Black, Red Rumor, Grey Gravel, and Bright Rose. 

Pria 70 Car Seat

Max-Cosi - Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat - Total Black

The Pria 70 is Maxi-Cosi's convertible car seat model. At only 18.7lbs, the Pria 70 is also one of the lightest convertible car seats on the market (seeing a trend yet?). It uses AP (Air Protection) to safeguard your little ones head. The Pria 70 has a weight and height capacity of 9-40lbs and 40" rear-facing (as low as 4lbs with the Tiny Fit insert) and 22-70lbs  and 52" forward-facing. Now, in real-person speak this means that in rear-facing mode the Pria 70 will accommodate up to the average U.S. 3 year old, and in forward-facing mode up to the average U.S. 7 year old. This is super cool if you're like me and are a little bit of a car seat safety nut. The longer you can keep your children rear-facing or in a harness the better off you are. Anyway, I will step off my soapbox now...moving on: the Pria 70 is super cool because of all of its convenience features. The cover comes off without any re-threading and is machine washable and dryer safe! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?! The fabric is also a premium fabric that self-wicks and deodorizes so that baby stays dry and the seat stay smelling clean. #momwin. The Pria 70 is perfect for us mom's who want something that is easy to clean and is going to last our babies a looooooooooooong time. We all know that the key with children is purchasing items that will last us FOREVER and not just for a minute, right?

Also available in: Grey Gravel, Mineral Grey, Total Black, Sweet Cerise, and Bohemian Blue. 

Rodifix Car Seat

Max-Cosi - RodiFix Booster Car Seat - Total Black

The Rodifix is Maxi-Cosi's premiere high-back booster seat. This type of booster is for children who still need that extra height to have the seat belt hit their lap and chest in the correct places, but are too old to be comfortable with a harness belt. It routs the seat belt from shoulder to lap and still as the AP feature at the top of the head rest. My absolute favorite feature of the Rodifix is the rigid LATCH system, though. A rigid LATCH is a latch that is made of metal, not that seat belt type material. It has close to the same effect as a anti-rebound bar in terms of preventing twisting of the seat in the event of a car accident. You can use it in conjunction with the seat belt, making it so that in the event of a car accident the seat will pretty much stay put, and thus keep your child put. Definitely one of the safer boosters on the market. The Rodifix also has a weight capacity of up to 120lbs so it will last you for a long while, and only weighs 14lbs itself - making it easier to move around. The Rodifix is perfect for kids who are ready (both mentally and physically) to get out of their convertible seat, but still need that extra bit of help. Definitely worth a look!

Also available in: Steele Grey, Total Black  Shop online or visit us at our Utah Store today!

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