Why Buy Two Mattresses When You Can Buy One?

Why Buy Two Mattresses When You Can Buy One?

Today we are talking safe, healthy sleep for your babies and toddlers with the Lullaby Earth Mattresses.  Let's face it, our babes spend much of their time in their crib so it's important to ensure that they are in a safe environment.  I love Lullaby Earth because us parents can rest easy knowing our kiddo isn't breathing in any harmful chemicals or allergens while they sleep! It's funny - most of us probably don't think about the mattress any farther than "is it firm enough?" when we should really be considering so many other things!

Lullaby Earth 2 Stage Crib Mattress 

These mattresses are unique because they are organic (meaning that they were made in chemical -free setting). This means that there was literally no crazy chemicals floating in the air during the manufacturing of this mattress. It is 100% created from earth's natural materials! Another fantastic thing is that Lullaby Earth passes all government flammability standards without using any flame retardant chemicals (cool, right?). They also avoid questionable materials such as vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam and antibacterial biocides.

The standard Lullaby Earth Crib mattress offers a super lightweight  design for easy crib sheet changing (because even the most trendy crib sheets can still be difficult to get on and off), a waterproof surface so pure that it meets food contact standards (plus it makes clean up a breeze), seamless edges, firm support, and a lifetime limited warranty.

The Lullaby 2 Stage Crib mattress is my personal favorite because it offers all of the amazing benefits of the standard Lullaby Earth mattress but it also grows with your child! A firm mattress is a must for a safe sleep environment for infants but when it comes toddler-time, who wants to have to buy another mattress? With the Lullaby 2 Stage Mattress you don't have to-- just turn it over for a softer side for your growing toddler. This mattress is perfect if you're planning on keeping your toddler in a convertible crib, like the Oeuf Sparrow Crib, instead of putting them straight into a twin once they're ready for a regular bed.

What's not to love?


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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