Wink Naturals to the Rescue!

Wink Naturals to the Rescue!

Mama faves totally go through cycles, and right now, in my mama circles, it seems like every mama is talking about melatonin! They're using it to help littles settle down for nap time or bedtime, or when the fam's had a hard travel day to help the kids sleep on the plane.

Every mama needs a little help with the little things in life, and Wink Naturals is all about giving you the tools to make life simpler! Whether it's melatonin for bedtime or a balm for a red bum, they're going to give you the products that you'll constantly be reaching for!

Here's a few of my mama must-haves:

Kids' Sleep Fast Melts

Okay so here's the deal, I do not like missing out on sleep. Like I am NOT fun to be around when I don't sleep. So having kids that miss out on sleep is tough on me. And don't even get me started with the murder that is daylight savings time, because we are still all messed up.

But do you know what helps make it a little bit easier? Say it with me mamas: MELATONIN. I'm not saying it needs to be part of your everyday routine or anything, but it can help your littles when you're working on a new nap schedule (or trying to get through one day of daylight savings... omg, send help), or your babes had an exciting day and still haven't been able to wind down. These fast melts (or drops if that's easier for your littles) will help them more than a lullaby ever could!

Cool Gums Teething Gel

My daughter is quite possibly the worst teether of all time. She gets angry for an entire week, has horrible diarrhea (so of course rashes), swollen gums... the whole nine yards, mamas. I've heard a lot of weird things about teething gels on and off, but I love that with Wink's products, I can look at the list of ingredients and know that I'm using something that will work and that won't be harmful to my baby girl.

The cooling sensation is so perfect for swollen gums, and it immediately helps with my baby girl's discomfort. I love that I can keep it in my diaper bag and pull it out whenever I need it--like when she is screeching at the top of her lungs while we're at the store or for car rides, which always seem to be traumatic for her.

Baby Bum Balm

Our daughter always has rashes. *sigh* Her skin is so sensitive and it seems like we're shaking our heads every other day wondering what set her skin off. I've started just putting something on her bum every time I change her diaper just to try and keep the red booty at bay. This Bum Balm glides on so smooth and helps maintain the right moisture for babies, so they are not getting too dry and that their bums aren't getting irritated by wet diapers. Also, it includes my favorite skin ingredient of all time--Vitamin E! It is so good for so many reasons, and it's a life saver for our babe with sensitive skin!

When you have a small problem like trouble sleeping or a rash, it becomes a big deal in the life of a mama or a little babe, and there's nothing better than having those go-to products that are safe and effective! Wink Naturals will help make your mama life easier and will help your littles feel better! Check them out today at

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