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Hoot Hoot! Owlet is on Sale!

Come one, come all! Owlet, one of the leaders of baby monitoring and a favorite of parents everywhere, is having a sale on both their sock and camera! This is a sale you don't want to miss out on!

Owlet Sock ($75 cost savings!)

owlet sock
The smart sock is a baby monitor that tracks your baby's oxygen levels and heart rate, which is the best indicator of your baby's health, all while they're sleeping! It will alert you if levels get low or change, which in turn will give you more peace of mind and comfort knowing Owlet is there to keep your baby safe! 
The sock connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone or device from which you monitor your baby's health via the Owlet app -- it's ingenuity and convenience all in one! This sale at Baby Cubby is your opportunity to hop on what will be your favorite must-have baby item! 

Owlet Cam Video Monitor ($50 cost savings!)

owlet video cam monitor
View your child from anywhere via your smartphone and WiFi! The camera streams both video and audio, and when paired with the sock, you'll be able to keep track of your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels as well! 
owlet video cam monitor
Some of the awesome features of the camera include a wall mounting kit, temperature control, two-way audio (which allows you to talk to your child!), and night vision. The camera also allows you to use other apps while still playing audio in the background of your smart device. Some serious thought went into this, and the fact that it's all on sale makes it that more appealing!

Do yourself a favor and jump on this deal. You, your sweet baby -- and guaranteed -- your husbands will love the peace of mind and opportunity for date nights these awesome Owlet products will provide!  

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I am looking for a Baby Monitor x 2 cameras / with sound.
I travel in a motor home. Hence often I have no Wifi. Often.
Q: Is there a Baby Monitor system that works either hard wired of with only my I-phone.
12 volts would be best.
Thanks for listening!
Capt Alan

Alan Deutschmann

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