Wubbabnub - Dino, Penguin, and Monkey

Wubbabnub - Dino, Penguin, and Monkey

What do a monkey, a dinosaur, and a penguin have in common? Not much at all except for the fact that these three critters are now available in our WabbaNub Pacifier Lovey collection!WubbaNub Pacifier Lovey - Dino

Of each of the baby product names and brands that my husband forgets, WubbaNub takes the cake. He confuses Boppy and Bumbo on the daily, he thinks the DockATot is the highchair that attaches to the counter, and I think he forgot the real name for the MamaRoo because to him it’s "Robot Mama." I’m pretty sure the only reason he would ever remember what a WubbaNub is would be because a few weeks ago he made a joke that WubbaNub is Spanish for "sleeps-all-night." What a goof.

But he’s not too far off! I love when my baby has her WubbaNub in because it’s pretty much guaranteed that if the animal is resting on her chest (or on her bed if her head is turned to her side) the pacifier will stay in longer! The animal helps to hold the binky in place longer than if the binky were on its own.

The most promising feature of the WubbaNub Loveys is the fact that when they fall, they are much easier to find! The worst part of Soothie pacifiers is how fast and far they roll away, right?! Attach an animal to it and that problem is certainly gone! Not only is it easier for mom to pick up, but babies are able to find and grab them more easily as well. So they are perfect for helping them soothe themselves. My favorite place for the WubbaNub is in the car seat! If it falls out, it doesn’t fall down between baby’s legs or to her side, slowly sliding backwards to her back, it pretty much stays in place and just needs to be plopped back in!

Our current count for WubbaNub friends is 12 little guys! It's a pretty safe bet that choosing which one to buy can prove to be a difficult task. But rest assured, there is a great variety and your little one is bound to fall in love with at least one of them. These are perfect for gifts as they benefit mom, soothe baby, and are cute additions to any toy or animal collection. I love my babe’s WubbaNub, and I believe these new ones will make perfect additions to anybody’s baby product collection!

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